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Architect: Alfredo Thiermann

Director: Marialy Rivas


Area: 80 sq/m

Client: Fabula Productions

Program: Film Set
Location: Lago Llanquihue, Chile

Project: 2015

Construction: 2015


Photography: Rocio Hidalgo

Was conceived as a film scenography designed to be seen more than to be used. To be seen and multiple time registered by a camera with anamorphic lenses. It has one profile made out of a continuous element which defines walls and roof. This element is repeated more times than what is necessary, to make the camera believe there is more depth than what it exists in reality. From the exterior, the house is meant to be seen only from afar, it appears in the landscape as an opaque and monolithic object. From the interior, it looks lighter than any other house. The wooden cladding let natural light goes through, but not a single glance. What happens in the interior has to remain a secret, that was the only requirement of the brief. After a few days, Artifact Nr. IV was intentionally burned while it was seen carefully from afar.  

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