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Architect: Alfredo Thiermann

Music: Alfredo Thiermann, Tres Warren

Team: Nes, Juan Pablo Rodriguez,

Pablo Thiermann

Program: Space in form of a record

Record Label: BYM Records
Location: Several Locations

Project: 2014 - 2017

Photography: James Welling

Is a space in the form of a record. The project is the outcome of a 3-year long sonic conversation between Alfredo Thiermann and Tres Warren. Both recorded sounds in their respective domestic spaces and studios—located in Chile and the USA—and sent them to each other over the internet. The record is the document that registers this extended sonic conversation. Both gathered once in Santiago, at the Municipal Theatre, and once in New York City, at Le Poisson Rouge, to perform the experiment live. The small light and concrete columns, and the disposition of speakers in space are part of the project as much as the record itself. The songs are prolonged and repetitive meditations composed by simple shapes and forms that almost act as a primitive language. They are a sonic correspondence, an experiment bridging continental distances, an intangible and immaterial space, the space of music. 

Link to Record

Land in the Sky Final ART2.jpg
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