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Architects: Sebastián Cruz, Alfredo Thiermann

Team: Rafael Urcelay

Location: Los Molles, Chile
Area: 150 sq/m

Project: 2017-2018

Structural Engineer: Osvaldo Peñaloza

Materiality: Cross Laminated Timber,

Plywood Panels,

Galvanized Steel, Steel Cables,



Images: Thiermanncruz ©

There is a generic form subdividing land in Chile: plots of 5000 square meters grid large swathes of the countryside. Most of them face west trying to catch a view of the Pacific Ocean. This apparently invisible condition makes two divergent forces to coincide in the typology of the house: production and reproduction. Casa II was designed to be located pretty much anywhere. The drum-like circular permitter defines a constraint horizontal footprint, avoiding the proliferation of suburban-like green grass extensions. You place the circle and the rest of the plot remains as it is. In the interior, the domestic and recreational programs are supported by a series of “elements” that combine structure and program, ornament and function, storage and circulation, creating a specific contrast to the often generic surroundings. On top, a basket-like structure rests over these pieces, binding everything together with a common volume of air. 

House 2.jpg
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