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Architects: Sebastián Cruz, Alfredo Thiermann

Team: Josefina Bascopé, Pedro Correa, Francisco Cruz, Pablo Thiermann


Area: 1.000 sq/m

Client: YAP Constructo - MoMA
Location: Santiago, Chile

Project: 2014

Construction: Unbuilt


Images: Thiermanncruz

Is a tower conceived to be located in a park. Towers are seen as the architectural support which have served as a platform for different forms of experimentation. There exists a genealogy of tower-experiments that interest us: Latting Tower (William Nugle), Polibino Water Tower (Vladimir Shukov), the Lighthouse at Coney Island, the Singer Tower (Ernest Flagg), Lenin Tribune (El Lissitsky), the Bricks Tower (Andrè Bloc) and Collapse of Time (John Hejduk). Here, the tower is understood as an acoustic and visual instrument that could be experienced by the visitors. It generates a circuit based on views and acoustic conditions built out of a system of HDPE cylinders. There is a specific interest in designing the acoustic space of the tower. We are more interested in the experience of entering an abandoned silo, its acoustic atmosphere, its excessive reverberation, than in the revisited, but yet beautiful, photographies of the Bechers.

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