Architect: Alfredo Thiermann

Team: Pascual Mena, Pablo Thiermann, Ariel Bustamanante

Area: 64 sq/m

Program: Film Scenography
Location: Laguna Aculeo, Paine, Chile

Project: 2011-2012

Construction: 2012

Materiality: Timber


Photography: Alfredo Thiermann,

Michelle Gravel

Artifact Nr. I was conceived as a film scenography. It was designed in response to the film narrative and also to the requirements of the techniques of cinema. The film was based on the figure of Manuel Lacunza, a Jesuit monk exiled from Chile in the late 18th century. The design was based on letters that Lacunza wrote to his mother, describing the atmospheric, spatial, and psychological conditions of being in exile. The letters were used as an entry point to study the spatial typologies that have historical been used to “leave the world.” The design is a typological ensemble combining a tower, cells and corridors of monasteries, and erratic blocks. Those typologies were combined in a singular structure and then the camera deconstructed that very unity by filming the object only in fragments. Through the process of montage, the fragments were pieced together again, reconstructing a new spatial entity.